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Unite and Empower: I’m Safe Freedom Run – Steps Towards a Brighter Tomorrow

A Sunrise of Hope and Determination

A sun-kissed morning painted with hues of hope and determination, a sea of eager faces, united by a shared vision. The Freedom Run Marathon unfolded with an air of anticipation and excitement, an event brimming with unity and empowerment. Our CEO, Mr. Giftson Selladurai, kicked off the proceedings by introducing our esteemed chief guests, each a beacon of inspiration and change.

Distinguished Guests: Illuminating the Path of Change

Among the notable dignitaries who graced the event were Mrs. V.V. Geethanjali, Deputy Commissioner, Cyber Security, Greater Chennai Police; Mr. Rajesh, Founder of Gandhi World Foundation; Mr. VM Muralitharan, Chairman of Ethiraj College for Women; Dr. Uma Gowrie, Principal of Ethiraj College for Women; and Dr. Miruna George and Ms. Roselin Clara, Dean of Student Affairs at Stella Maris College. Their presence added a layer of significance to the event, emphasizing the importance of unity and empowerment in our community.

Honoring Our Sponsors:

A Tapestry of Collaboration and Purpose a heartfelt shout-out goes to our incredible sponsors, each of whom played a vital role in making this event a resounding success. Sooriya Hospital stood by us with their dedicated ambulance patrolling the circuit, ensuring the safety of all participants. OneGlint contributed their expertise in capturing precious moments, distributing photos that will forever encapsulate this memorable day. Bailley, our valued beverage partner, quenched the thirst of every participant, keeping them hydrated throughout the run. Hashtag, our trusted photography partner, captured the essence of the event, freezing each exhilarating moment in time. Chennai Kaaries, our social media partner, brought the event to life on digital platforms, engaging and connecting participants. Singlebag, our e-commerce partner, added convenience and style to the event experience. Medianews4u, our digital partner, helped us spread the word far and wide, ensuring maximum visibility. Fast and Up India, our energy partner, powered our runners with their essential nutrients. IBC Tamil Media, our online news partner, ensured the event received coverage across online platforms. IDFC First Bank, our banking partner, played a crucial role in managing the event’s financial aspects. Poojai, our fragrance partner, infused the event with delightful aromas, enhancing the overall atmosphere. Radio City, our radio partner, broadcasted the event’s spirit to a wider audience. Ethiraj College for Women and Stella Maris College’s dedication and support brought a significant influx of enthusiastic students, adding a burst of energy and vibrancy to the marathon. Lastly, News7, our TV news partner, brought the event’s highlights to television screens, ensuring it reached households across the region. Each sponsor’s unique contribution united to create an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Symbolism in Unity: T-shirts, Bibs, and Togetherness

At the registration booth, our registration team welcomed participants and handed out personalized number bibs and stylish t-shirts. The white and pink t-shirts, adorned with the event logo, served as a symbol of togetherness, turning the crowd into a sea of harmonious colors. As participants slipped into their t-shirts and fastened their bibs, the atmosphere was transformed into a visual representation of unity.

Energizing Beginnings: Warm-Up Sessions and Guest Initiatives

The event buzzed with energy as participants engaged in warm-up sessions led by the enthusiastic UNschool team. Our special guests, Mr. VM Muralitharan, and Dr. Uma Gowrie, initiated the event with a touching gesture, releasing doves and a bunch of pink and white balloons into the sky, symbolizing peace and unity that set the tone for the meaningful day ahead. With spirits soaring, Mrs. V.V. Geethanjali raised the flag, signaling the beginning of an inspiring journey toward empowerment and change.

Embarking on a Journey: The Marathon’s Joyful Trail

The marathon route was filled with smiles as runners, hand in hand with friends, enjoyed the journey with happiness and joy. Along the way, there were spots to refresh and catch a breath. With the sun peeking through the clouds, motivations varied – some aimed for victory, while others simply reveled in the experience. But there was a common thread: everyone was determined to cross the finish line, no matter the hurdles. Amid laughter, companionship, and determined steps, each runner crafted their personal tale of strength and achievement, embodying the event’s spirit in their own wonderful way.

Triumph at the Finish Line: Celebrating Champions and Unity

The marathon served as a powerful testament to determination and collective spirit. Women from all age groups joined together, each step resonating with a resolute commitment to a healthier, brighter future. The air was alive with cheers and applause as our champions crossed the finish line, with the top three receiving gifts and cash prizes.

Additionally, the first 500 finishers proudly adorned their well-deserved medals. Amidst this jubilant celebration of unity, empowerment, and well-being, the event also provided a meaningful platform for recognition and gratitude. Understanding that each participant gave their all, we ensured that everyone took home a token of appreciation. Each individual was presented with a certificate.

Beyond a Run – A Pledge to a Brighter Future

In the spirit of unity and shared vision, the Freedom Run Marathon proved to be more than just a race. It was a statement of our collective commitment to safety, empowerment, and a better tomorrow. As the event drew to a close, hearts were full, and a sense of accomplishment hung in the air, a testament to the power of coming together for a common purpose.

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