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Why I’m safe

We are a team of passionate and committed members working towards empowering women. Believing that the first step towards empowerment is safety, we harness the power of technology and trust to bring about transformation in the lives of women.

Our mission is to build a movement where women form a trusted community and help empower each other and be able to live in abundance.

How are we different?

Women deserve to live in a secure and confident environment. “I’m safe” is a platform that delivers an effective and free solution to women’s safety. During an emergency or when someone is hesitant to deal directly with law enforcement, I’m safe allows their close contacts to help. Our privacy and security features are among the most stringent in the industry.

Free & effective safety solutions

Most stringent privacy & security

Highly motivated & committed team

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Our Features

Track me

Keeps you connected with your trusted contacts

Location Tracking in women safety

Track me feature allows you to share your location with your loved ones by updating them on when and where you are in real-time. You can also choose how long you want to be tracked by your loved ones.


Alerts your trusted contacts during an emergency

SOS Women Safety app

SOS feature sends out alerts to all your trusted contacts. This feature shares your location, captures photographs, and records audio clips. SOS is designed to help you out of a dangerous situation.

Upcoming Features

I'M SAFE Social

Keeps you close and connected

Social media for women

I’m safe social provides an opportunity to connect with others who share your interests. It is a great way to keep you connected to your circle.

Safety Marker

Updates you on the safe and unsafe areas

safety marker Women safety app

Safety marker provides an overview of the safest and most dangerous areas in the city. It also allow users to rate the safety of different locations.

I'M SAFE Help Line

Allows you to connect to professionals for help

Helpline feature in  Women safety app

I'm safe helpline is a confidential and non-judgmental service that provides support to anyone who is feeling unsafe. The helpline is staffed by trained professionals who can provide advice and resources to help you feel safe again.

I'M SAFE Quick Tips

Provides quick and informative tips to stay safe

Women safety app Quick tips

I’m Safe quick tips offer tips on a variety of topics, including personal safety, cyber safety, emergency preparedness, etc. These tips help to be prepared, informed, and aware of emergency situations.


Keeps you in touch with friends and family

Chat in Women safety app

I‘m safe chat is a simple and convenient way to chat with friends and family. The app allows you to create groups and add your friends and family members to your contact. You can also share photos and videos with your contacts, making it easy to stay in touch with your loved ones.

I'M SAFE Market Place

Allows you to buy and sell

safe marketplace in Women safety app

I’m safe marketplace is a women-driven platform that gives you a unique shopping experience. You can search through listings, browse local sellers and purchase or sell items.

How I'M SAFE works ?

I’m Safe app enhances security and helps users stay protected. It has cutting-edge technology with reliable solutions for women all around the world! I’m Safe is secure, easy to use, and reliable.

  • Download the app on your iOS or Android phone
  • Add your loved ones as your trusted contacts
  • Click on track me when you get on a taxi, walking alone, or during other travel and commute
  • Click on SOS when you need emergency assistance during a dangerous situation
  • Relax and know that you are in safe hands

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MenForWomen is an initiative by men around the globe to stand in solidarity with women and work together to help women fight against abuse and rape. It is a movement where men shoulder a huge responsibility to help end the violence against women.

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I’m Safe app FAQs

The contacts who have accepted your request to become your SOS contacts will receive alerts if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

You can activate this feature by clicking the 'SOS' button on the app dashboard. Once actiavted, the feature sends an alert to your trusted contacts

Adding SOS contacts can be done during the onboarding process. If you would like to add more contacts then you can click on the triple bar icon in the top right corner of the app to find SOS contacts.

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